Assembly of Science and Art
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The Assembly of Science and Art is a meeting that scientists and artists hold in the form of regular conferences or seminars about important issues of science, culture and art at Khazar University. Usually a specialist or expert gives a presentation on a pre-determined theme, which is then discussed by the participants of the Assembly. Topics may include very diverse areas as history, religion, philosophy, psychology, architecture, literature, new technologies, etc. The main criterion for presenting a theme is that it must be an important issue for discussion in a scholarly environment.

Specialists or experts are invited to the Assembly not only from Azerbaijan, but also from different countries of the world like Turkey, USA, Russia, Egypt, Holland, Iran, Georgia, etc.

The first meeting of the Assembly of Science and Art was held on October 10, 2006. The founder and chairman of the Assembly is Professor Hamlet Isakhanli. He has been heading and directing the assemblies ever since. The materials of every set of ten assemblies are published as a book. At present more than fifty assemblies have been held.

The Assembly of Science and Art intends:

* to discuss important issues on a scientific level;

* to direct people’s attention to these issues;

* to create a chance for scientists or artists to share their ideas;

* to great good relations between universities;

* to serve the development of science in ‘warm conditions’

* to be aware of events in world science.